If you purchase wine with Crop & Vine, you can have your order delivered to your chosen address, released to your forwarder, use our global shipping solutions or store with us in London City Bond. With the state-of-the-art wine storage facility in control of temperature, humidity, and lighting, all bottles are kept in the best condition.

Why Store in a Bonded Warehouse?

  1. Professional facility: Bonded warehouses are equipped with temperature control facilities that can maintain the ideal temperature and humidity for storing wine in optimal conditions.
  2. Deferred taxes and duties: By storing wine under In Bond status, taxes and duties can be deferred until the wine is withdrawn for delivery, which provides financial flexibility.
  3. Long-term storage: Bonded warehouses are an ideal choice for long-term, hassle-free storage.
  4. High-security storage: We partner with London City Bond, who maintain high security standards and provide peace of mind.
  5. Easier for inventory transfer and resell: storing in a professional facility maintains a paper trail of storage history, which adds value when exiting an investment or simply looking sell some of your collection.


In the UK, we offer storage in sub-accounts at London City Bond, at GBP 14.00 per 9L case per year, billed half-yearly in advance, charged pro-rata for 4.5L cases.

All prices exclude VAT.

Manage Your Wine Portfolio Online

Customers can view and manage their wine collections online through Crop & Vine. Access order details and keep up-to-date with inventory, as well as market valuations of the wines held with Crop & Vine.

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